Trying this Blog Thang

A few months ago my boyfriend, John, and I started attending auctions. Really, it was his hobby. I was just tagging along! Then I bought a camera. Okay, a few cameras. They were covered in grime and thrown into containers that smelled terrible. I wanted one (a Kodak Bantam Special) because it looked cool. While waiting at the auction I started looking the cameras up on EBay – people wanted to buy these things! I convinced John to buy a Bolex 8mm video camera. We ended up walking away with all of the camera stuff available at that auction. This start a trend where we snatched up any reasonably priced camera at an auction. We’re happy as long as we’re not losing money. In fact, we’ve lost some on a camera and it doesn’t really bother us. After all, we’re having fun. 🙂 Now we treat our “business” (I can’t help but chuckle when I say that) as an auction rescue – we find items that people want and get them to them. We’ve started to branch out into other items. In fact, I bought my first piece of furniture to refinish and use as a tv stand in our bedroom. I love the idea of renifinishing furniture so much, I want to make it part of our business. We really are rescuing things!

Recently I have been inspired by following a couple of blogs. (Which I will link as soon as I figure out how.) My leisure reading has pretty much stopped. I find myself wanting to make all sorts of stuff. I even made it through Walmart the other day without buying anything other than food – a minor miracle. I knew I could make something neater if I was just patient enough and I would ultimately love it more. I learned this when we made our own towel rack for our bathroom remodel. All of this craziness has inpired me to start my own blog. This is day one.